Tips for Gorgeous Autumn Arrangements

We love this time of year!  The holidays bring joy, laughter, gratitude, and a plethora of friends and family get-togethers.  We’ve turned to our beloved “Flower And All Things Décor” expert, Gretchen Lawton, for tips on how to make your gatherings beautiful – simply.  See all of her tips below…

1. Be Creative – But Keep It Simple
Sometimes just using one beautiful piece from the same family can bring that rustic-yet-modern look to your centerpiece.  For a fat and full arrangement, stick to just one flower or one type of branch.  Make sure to use a lot of it for high impact.

2. Check Out The Produce Aisle Instead Of The Flower Mart
To find interesting subjects for your seasonal arrangements, try perusing the produce aisle at your local market or strolling the neighborhood farmers market.  Colorful and in-season fruits and veggies are often beautiful too.  Try artichokes, lemons, pomegranates, bell peppers, cabbage, leeks…you get the idea.

3. Use Interesting Materials
This is the perfect time to think outside of the box.  Whether it be a remarkable birds nest your kids found in the backyard, or cotton branches growing wild, the options are endless when drifting away from the norm.

4. Utilize Your Seasonal Offerings
Autumn brings an endless array of natural gifts for your table. Some of our favorites at Round Pond during the season include pumpkins, baby gourds, red oak branches, agapanthus, dried lavender, eucalyptus, curly willow,  geraniums, poke sally (a super cool and colorful weed), white tuberose, pink digaplexis and of course an enduring classic; beautiful and sturdy sunflowers.

Have fun, and Happy Holidays!

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