The Olive Mill

“We believe that the difference between everyday olive oil and our freshly-pressed olive oil is as obvious as the difference between orange juice from a carton and fresh squeezed.”

– Ryan MacDonnell, Second-generation Owner

Round Pond Estate olives
Oil from mill

At Round Pond we understand that freshness is fundamental to making truly superior olive oil. That is why we constructed our very own olive oil mill to ensure the olives arrive at the mill within minutes of picking. This allows us to capture the enticing aromatics and ripe, warm Mediterranean flavors of each varietal.

Olive Trees

Round Pond Estate is home to 12 acres planted to 2,200 olive trees. Five Italian varieties, including Leccino, Pendolino, Maurino, Frantoio and Coratina, and three Spanish varieties, including Sevillano, Mission and Manzanilla, are harvested as each reaches the most desirable state of development.


The olive oil production facility includes both a traditional stone mill, made from one-ton granite boulders, and a contemporary Hammermill. This combination of time-honored and innovative methods allows us to give each olive varietal the gentle handcrafting that brings out its unique expression.


At harvest, we gently pull the olives from the trees without damaging the new growth that will provide next year’s crop. The olives drop to a tarp on the ground, which is moved from tree to tree. From the tarps the olives are transferred to aerated bins at the mill, where they are kept cold and fresh.

“Our estate olive oils are a delicious part of life here at Round Pond. We enjoy them at every family meal, and we love sharing them—from our table to yours.”

-Miles MacDonnell, Second-Generation owner