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Our 2022 Alzheimer’s Efforts

With the new year upon us, my brother, Miles, and I took some time to discuss our vision for the year. Year after year we are grateful for all our members and customers who make everything we do possible— from being stewards of the Estate, winery and olive mill; to our mission-driven work and fundraising. With each new year we work hard to give back in bigger ways, and this is particularly true for our support of the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease. 

We are particularly excited about what the coming year has in store and want to share with you, our members and supporters, the four ways we will continue and expand our efforts.

Emotional Support

Alzheimer’s doesn’t just take down the person who is fighting it individually, it requires family and caregivers and it’s an all-encompassing effort. While more than 6 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s, this disease can make people feel so alone. Our goal is to support those individuals and families who are battling this disease and make them feel less alone.

Community Building

We are working to remove the stigma from dementia-type diseases and again, help families feel heard and supported. This can be such an isolating disease and we have been heartened and amazed by the many connections we have made with people in telling their own stories. We’re excited to expand on this further so that even more people have a platform to share their stories.

Honouren: Our Tribute

In tribute to our father and those impacted in our Round Pond community, we created a special commemorative wine showcasing photos of those living with, or lost to, Alzheimer’s as our way of bringing together community and raising vital funds for the fight in perpetuity.

Vital Fundraising

Continue to raise vital funds that can directly impact Alzheimer’s research and awareness. Each November during National Family Caregiver Month, we are proud to donate 3% of the proceeds from all wine sales to the Alzheimer’s Association® and have raised $137,500 since 2021.

We cannot do all of this without you, so thank you for your continued support and helping to make it possible to turn our own personal, heartbreaking family experience with Alzheimer’s into something positive that would make our dad, the founder of Round Pond, proud. Our members and guests are truly like family to us, and we hope to see and connect with you this year!

Ryan MacDonnell Bracher, Second-Generation Owner

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