The Faces of Honouren

We lost our father and the founder of Round Pond Estate to Alzheimer’s in 2021. His battle and loss was devastating for our family, and through talking with others who have had a similar experience, we have learned so much more about how this disease affects not just the individual, but their friends and family as well.  

In tribute to our father and those impacted in our Round Pond community, we created Honouren, a special commemorative wine showcasing photos of those living with, or lost to, Alzheimer’s as our way of bringing together community and raising vital funds for the fight. 

We hope that this beautiful label and wine will help people battling this disease not feel so alone and recognize the huge community committed to ending this disease. Below are just a few of the faces of Honouren.  

 My mother, who passed from Alzheimer’s in November 2023, was the life of the party. She was witty and passionate and theatrical. She always dreamed of being in the movies or on the big stage, but instead brought her singing, dancing, and acting into the family room. We lost her personality a few years ago and her body a few months ago. … We miss her vivaciousness and wish a cure or a better treatment could be available to the thousands of people and their families suffering through this disease.” – Robert A.

We lost two beloved family members to Alzheimer’s: my father and my brother-in-law. Both were outgoing, robust, gregarious men. Alzheimer’s affected them both differently. My father began fabricating new stories to take the place of his memory gaps. They were fanciful tales that always kept us engagedMy brother-in-law was able to keep to his routines to walk his neighborhood daily even after his cognitive decline because of the love and watchfulness of his entire neighborhoodAlzheimer’s is a horrible disease. You lose your loved one not once, not even twice, but multiple times as they go in and out of cognitive awareness. It is a tragedy for everyone.” – Martha J.

My mom, Lori, was just 56 years old when she lost her battle to early onset Alzheimer’s Disease in 2016. She was a participant in groundbreaking research that helped scientists answer questions about the disease that had not yet been discovered. She knew her participation in research would not save her life, but she did it for future generations. Lori left behind a legacy of 3 daughters, Jessica, Robin and Chelsey. She loved being a mom and was able to know her granddaughter, Claire, whom she adored the most. She never got a chance to hold and kiss her 2 youngest grandchildren. Lori, wanted to be remembered as a good mom and happy! She was so much more than that. She was the friend everyone wanted and a wife that made a household thrive. One thing is for sure, she is missed every day, and the world needs more Lori’s in it!– Robyn M.

My beloved grandmother Nita died July 2023 at the age of 85 from Alzheimer’s and dementia in her rural coastal Mendocino home. She was a glorious and formidable force of nature, a visionary artist ahead of her time, her bohemian lifestyle continues to pulse through the xylem of her family tree. Though she stopped making art many years ago as her cognition slowly declined, her wild streak lives on in her greatest creations of all: her 5 children and 13 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. Nita kept us laughing until the end. She was a lover of animals: her secret aviary in the redwoods full of peacocks and fancy pheasants kept us all intrigued and confused. Nita loved wine, beer and cookies. She loved wild textile patterns, bold art museums, and amateur taxidermy. She is loved and missed by many.” – Sabel R.

Our mother, Debbie who has three kids, eight grandchildren, and an amazing husband of over 50 years, lives each day to the best of her ability. Early onset Alzheimers has truly broken our hearts, it is our dad Ron who continues to show us what true love is by taking care of her each and every dayAlzheimers may have them home bound and unable to travel, that does not stop us from bringing the wine to her and enjoying the smiles we share. We celebrate each moment we have together.” – Nikki S.

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