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5 Ways to be a Stand-Out Holiday Guest

This year your social calendar is probably filling up quickly, but for a lot of us, it’s been a while since it’s been this busy, and you might be asking yourself how to be a stand-out guest this holiday season.

We’ve made it easy with our top 5 tips so you can focus on enjoying your holidays, knowing you’re one of the ones that will definitely be at the top of the invite list next year!


As soon as you know your availability, let the host know if you’re able to join! Your host needs time to schedule and plan for the party, and a timely RSVP shows you appreciate the invitation and respect their time. Remember, your host knows that life also happens so if something comes up at the last minute and you’re unable to make it, let your host know so they can adjust their plans accordingly.

Arrive (almost) on time.

Just as it’s rude to show up too late to a party, it can be just as stressful for the host when guests show up too early! Aim for arriving 15 minutes after the scheduled start time. That allows the host to finish any final preparations and gives them a few minutes of breathing room before that first knock at the door.

Never show up empty-handed

Show your appreciation to your host with something small to say thank you — a beautifully scented candle, an artisan Olive Oil, or a collection of your favorite products are all perfect options. Your thoughtfulness and appreciation will certainly be remembered!

Two bottles is better than one!

Wine is an easy gift sure to delight your host, but bring two bottles, so they have one to open and share with guests and a second to enjoy another time. If you really want to wow the crowd, a magnum is a perfect option! The equivalent of two bottles of wine, a magnum is a perfect party wine to share the holiday spirit.

Be helpful and show your appreciation

Offer to help your host throughout the night. Pick up discarded glasses, help clear platters from the table, or offer to replenish drinks as needed. An extra set of hands can be invaluable when hosting; these small things allow the host to attend to the party and their guests. And, of course, always say thank you at the end of the evening or really wow them with a handwritten thank you note mailed the next day.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself knowing that no matter what kinds of parties you’re attending this season, you’re sure to be invited back again and again by being a great  holiday guest! Please weigh in—what are your favorite host gifts and tricks to show your gratitude?

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