Earth Day is Every Day at Round Pond!

Here at Round Pond Estate we’re committed to sustainability year-round, not just on Earth Day. We are rooted in People, Place, and Purpose, as we prioritize environmental responsibility, community engagement, and inclusivity.


A man planting tomatoes into soil in the gardenPeople: Diversity | Equity | Balance At Round Pond Estate, diversity, equity, and balance are integral values. We foster a community that values each person’s unique contributions. From the vineyard workers to the winemakers and gardeners, every team member plays an essential role in creating a sustainable, thriving environment. Our commitment to inclusivity extends beyond its employees. Round Pond Estate values and supports local businesses, farmers, and charities. The estate has an open-door policy, inviting visitors to learn about the winemaking process and sustainability practices.

Place: Nurturing the Environment Our sustainability practices prioritize environmental stewardship. One of the most prominent practices is the use of sheep grazing instead of harmful herbicides to control weeds. The sheep also provide natural fertilizer, contributing to soil enrichment.

Additionally, we use mustard and cover crops to improve soil quality, prevent erosion, and enhance biodiversity. Our extensive gardens and beneficial blooms bring in valuable insects and support our beehives that help pollinate the local flora and fauna. Our renowned culinary gardens help to diversify our agricultural land usage and are thoughtfully and intentionally planted in accordance with the seasons so our culinary team always has access to the most local, seasonal ingredients. The winemaking production areas are designed to reduce energy consumption, with energy-efficient lighting and equipment. We also source lightweight glass bottles from North America to minimize its carbon footprint and use 100% post-consumer recycled paper for our wine labels.

Purpose: Community | Alzheimer’s Awareness We understand the devastating impact of Alzheimer’s disease as our founder, Bob MacDonnell, lost his battle with   Alzheimer’s in 2021, inspiring our commitment to Alzheimer’s awareness and support. Our mission is to honor Bob and all those effected by Alzheimer’s Disease by giving back and making a difference. Since 2021 we have raised $137,500 for the Alzheimer’s Association by donating a percentage of wine sales during a dedicated month, and now are preparing to release a new wine dedicated entirely to raising funds to continue this support – Honouren Cabernet Sauvignon. Honouren, meaning to do honor and show respect for, is a commemorative wine showcasing photos submitted by the Round Pond community of those living with, or lost to, Alzheimer’s on the front label. A portion of all sales will be donated to causes dedicated to ending Alzheimer’s. It is our hope that by showcasing those whom this disease has impacted, we will be able to honor loved ones and remind families that they are not alone.


To learn more about our efforts in each of these areas, please enjoy our newest video about sustainability at Round Pond Estate!

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