Dogs of Round Pond Estate

The MacDonnell family has always loved dogs, and they are an integral part of the vineyards, family, and Round Pond office life.  The Estate Dogs are as different as can be from each other but make a great (and rowdy) pack!  When not out on their multiple daily walks, strolling the vineyards, or resting with their humans at home, they can be found hanging in the Estate offices providing comic relief and daily cuddles to the office staff.  Here’s your chance to meet The Dogs of Round Pond.

Vega’s Human: Miles MacDonnell, Owner
Breed: German Shepard
Favorite Toy: Whatever Bunker has
Best Trick: Can open office doors on her own by jumping on the handle, and lets herself and dog friends back in from outside
Personality in One Word: Sweetie
Nickname/Most Heard Phrase: “Good Girl”

Vega is the ultimate watchdog! Forever alert and watchful, she is the supervisor/mom of the office, and first to greet anyone walking through our office doors (you learn very quickly who is a dog-lover).

She is decidedly silent unless you are the dog-washer coming to give her a bath, and then she absolutely makes her displeasure heard.  When the office staff has birthday parties and gathers in the kitchen for cake, Vega will run quick, funny laps around the table as “Happy Birthday” is sung.

When she is at home, she likes to be around her people constantly.  She loves attention but is not a “romper” like her dog brother Bunker.  Silent and protective, she is the ultimate Nanny-Dog, and will sleep outside of the children’s rooms at night keeping watch!


Bunker’s Human: Miles MacDonnell, Owner
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Favorite Toy: Anything chewable
Best Trick: Making unattended office lunches disappear
Personality in One Word: Hungry. Always HUNGRY.
Nickname/Most Heard Phrase: “NO Bunker!”

Bunker is a complete ball of energy, the quintessential joker, with a totally goofy teenage boy attitude.  He loves to wrestle and play with his dog cousin, Kingston, and has restless little feet that are constantly moving, even as he is standing in one place.

Sister Vega taught him how to open doors, so any closed door in the office is a challenge for him.  Bunker is such a little dude that sometimes it takes a couple tries to get his full weight on the handle to open the door (leaving a telltale mark of scratched doors behind him).  He is also trained as a water retriever dog and LOVES to swim.  He will jump into any creek, pool, river, or stream he sees, regardless of the weather or temperature.

At home, Bunker needs attention, because if left on his own for too long, he is sure to get into trouble.  Miles firmly believes that he has some farmer genes in him because he will dig up and relocate (but not re-plant) various plants and shrubs as he sees necessary.  Bunker will also help with landscaping by eating any fruit from trees that land on the ground, and occasionally re-arrange outdoor furniture and lighting on his own!


Kinston’s Human: Ryan MacDonnell Bracher, Owner
Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
Favorite Toy: All toys are his favorite until he shreds them
Best Trick: Dropping paper that is usually in his mouth
Personality in One Word: Goofy
Nickname/Most Heard Phrase: “Fluffy” & “What’s in your mouth AGAIN?”

Kingston is the fun-loving, loafing junior-high kid of the office.  He’s always ready to run around and party with his pack, but also can drop at any time for a long nap under Ryan’s chair as she works.  Kingston is also incredibly bonded to Ryan and is never far from her side.  He LOVES attention and has a habit of jumping up slowly to put his front paws on your shoulders to give “hugs”.

Kingston seems to always be too hot!  During the dogs’ morning pack walks, he is always the first to plunge into the dew-wet grass and roll around to cool off.  He loves to sleep wherever the air conditioning is blowing, and is usually on his way to the water bowl or just coming back from it.  He loves to wrestle with cousin Bunker, and at 100 lbs, usually wins!  King is also a bit mischievous; the office staff has to guard their papers carefully because he loves to eat them (we can truly say the dog ate our homework).

At home, this sweet and cuddly boy is so very gentle with his 3 little human sisters.  He loves to roll over on his back while Ryan’s girls give him belly rubs and hugs, although their dad is somewhat jealous that Kingston gets more massages than he does!


Bear’s Humans: Mr. & Mrs. MacDonnell
Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
Favorite Toy: His KONG Wubba
Best Trick: Takes the longest naps
Personality in One Word: Relaxed
Nickname/Most Heard Phrase: “Good Boy” & “Leave that cat alone!”

Bear is the biggest dog at Round Pond, but also the youngest. At 1 ½, he is Lucy’s big little brother.  He is still very much a puppy and still learning commands (all he knows is SIT, at the moment).  Loping alongside the other dogs during the daily pack walks, Bear will often tear away to chase the barn cats or to race Bunker to the nearest body of water and try to jump right in often right on top of Bunker.

Bear is a happy dog, and VERY affectionate.  He has a sweet, happy disposition, and he and Lucy go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Bear also acts as “Dog Police” when the other dogs get too rowdy in their play by running alongside them and barking them to order!

At home, Bear is a big dog with a big bark and will let his humans know the minute someone gets too close the house or grounds.  He has no concept of his actual size and is convinced that he is a lap dog that must lay in Mrs. MacDonnell’s lap as soon as she sits down.


Lucy’s Humans: Mr. & Mrs. MacDonnell
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Favorite Toy: Tennis balls
Best Trick: Flip onto her back and suddenly weigh a ton when she doesn’t want to do something
Personality in One Word: Wiggly
Nickname/Most Heard Phrase: “Down, Lucy!”

Lucy is the sweetest, happiest, wiggliest little girl dog you will ever meet.  Her pretty eyes have a gentle penetration that goes straight to your heart.  She is the “little sister” of the Round Pond dog pack and spends most of her time with her fellow pups licking them affectionately and rolling over on her back to play.

Full of boundless, happy energy, Lucy has a rare talent for jumping up on anyone not paying enough attention to her for her liking.  She is a little dog compared to the others, it’s only natural that she’d want to be seen.  Lucy is very attached to her brother Bear and is rarely far from his side.  They are inseparable!

At home, Lucy likes to be a close to her people as possible; so much so that she will try her best to climb up onto couches or beds with them, which is a big no-no.

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