Olive Mill Experiences
Olive Mill Experiences

Olive Mill Experiences

In addition to being the epicenter for our artisan approach to crafting olive oils, our mill is a favorite destination for tours, tastings, and experiencing the excitement of the olive harvest in November.  We invite you to explore our unique offerings!

  • Tour & Tasting

    Tour & Tasting

    Offering a sensory exploration of Round Pond’s handcrafted olive oils and red wine vinegars, this delicious experience is a must for dedicated foodies. Learn about olive cultivation, harvest, and our artisan methods of olive oil production at our estate mill before immersing yourself in a guided tasting of our estate’s fresh oils and red wine vinegar blends.

  • Splash & Dash Tasting

    Splash & Dash Tasting

    Don’t have much time? Our Splash and Dash Olive Oil Tasting is the perfect way to visit our Olive Mill and enjoy our handcrafted olive oils and red wine vinegars. Offered from 2:00pm – 5:00pm daily.  We look forward to seeing you there.

  • Fresh Olive Oil Day

    Fresh Olive Oil Day

    There is no substitute for freshness. For lovers of world-class olive oil, the highlight of a trip to Round Pond is the opportunity to purchase freshly pressed artisan oils on our popular fresh oil days.

  • Olio Nuovo Festival

    Olio Nuovo Festival

    Come and celebrate our olive harvest and the first annual Round Pond Olio Nuovo festival! Offering an Old World tradition rarely seen in North America, this festival is a chance to experience fresh-pressed olio nuovo just like they do in Italy. Whether you join us for our popular Fresh Olive Oil Day, our first ever Olio Nuovo Tuscan Feast or simply to enjoy the fresh extra virgin olive oil featured during our daily Olive Mill Tour & Tasting, we would love to have you this December!

  • About the Olive Mill

    About the Olive Mill

    At Round Pond we understand that freshness is fundamental to making truly superior olive oil. That is why we constructed our very own olive oil mill. The truth is, the difference between everyday olive oil and oil freshly pressed in our mill is as obvious as the difference between orange juice from a carton and the vibrant flavor of fresh oranges squeezed into a waiting glass.