Round Pond Estate Signature Tour Red Truck

Signature Tour

The ultimate peek-behind-the curtain into how we create our luxury farm-to-table products here at Round Pond.

As the morning sun warms the valley below, start your day on our Estate Winery Terrace with a welcome toast of sparkling wine cocktails and freshly baked scones. While sipping your champagne, we will discuss the history of the estate, its vineyards, and the day’s itinerary. The Round Pond Red truck will whisk you to each of your stops on this complete estate tour: our Vinegar Acetaia, tucked away on the North side of our property, to learn about our Red Wine Vinegars and experience our very limited production Balsamico Traditional straight from the barrel; our Olive Mill, to explore our estate olive oils and discover how we create liquid gold; our historic Red Pole Barn, to get a sneak peek tasting of our very limited production Gravel Series single vineyard wines; our honey bee hives to taste this delightful treat and chat about the Napa River Restoration project; our Estate Winery to walk the barrel room and enjoy a barrel tasting; and finally to the Estate Winery Garden for a sensory tour and our famous Napa Valley inspired Il Pranzo Garden Tasting.

For a deeper look on what our Signature Tour entails, click here to view The Feed By Round Pond featurePlease allow up to 5 hours for this experience.

We look forward to seeing you!