Our Tricks For The Perfect Treats

Halloween is just a few days away!  Now that you’ve picked out your costume and invited your guests, we have collected some of our favorite easy “tricks” for some perfect “treats”.  Pair with your favorite Round Pond wine and enjoy your night!


Goat Cheese Stuffed Figs

A fantastic combination of flavors delight in these goat cheese stuffed figs with a cassis glaze will be sure to impress.

Housemade Chips with Caviar

This simple chip with crème fraiche and caviar drizzled with our Meyer Lemon Olive Oil is so simple but deliciously elegant.

Grilled Carrot Hummus

The smoky sweetness of the grilled carrots combined with the silky-smooth citrus flavor of our Blood Orange Olive Oil makes this anything but the same-old hummus.

Butternut Squash Bruschetta

Perfect for the season, this butternut squash bruschetta with ricotta and crispy sage is wonderfully simple and flavorful.

Crostini with Mission Figs

The classic rich flavors of fig, prosciutto, and creamy ricotta make this an easy an elegant bite for your next party.

Olive Risotto Arancini

Our most popular appetizer and most-requested recipe, this fried olive risotto arancini is perfect for any party and is a real show-stopper!

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