Food Sales Tools

Food Sales Tools

Round Pond Estate, a family-owned and family-run working estate of vineyards, gardens and orchards, is known as a premier artisan producer of extra virgin olive oils, premium red wine vinegars, artisan syrups and other fine foods.   We invite you to explore and delight in the delicious world of Round Pond Estate.  

Infused Olive Oils

Each of our five infused oils are made from the very finest California extra virgin olive oil and hand blended at the Estate. We invite you to savor the goodness of our artisan oils.

Red Wine Vinegars

In 2000, inspired by the bounty of our vineyards, we began crafting gourmet red wine vinegars using our own estate-grown grapes. Our goal was simple- to create a worthy culinary partner for our rich and robust line of olive oils. Crafted using the revered Orleans method, our vinegars continue the tradition of this time-honored technique, which originated almost two hundred years ago.

Artisan Syrups

At Round Pond, creating gourmet specialty foods is a passionate process of insight and inspiration. As a sustainably farmed Napa Valley estate with vineyards, gardens and orchards, we believe in being good stewards to our land and using our ingredients wisely. While crafting our acclaimed Meyer Lemon and Blood Orange Olive Oils, using the skins of California grown citrus fruits, we found ourselves with an abundance of vibrant, fresh-squeezed juice. Our delicious solution – the pure essence of citrus syrups. A sweet and whimsical match for an array of food and beverages, we invite you to discover this delightful treat.