Red Wine Vinegar

In 2000, inspired by the bounty of our vineyards, we began crafting a gourmet red wine vinegar using our own estate-grown grapes. Our goal was simple- to create a worthy culinary partner for our rich and robust line of olive oils. Crafted using the revered Orleans method, each red wine vinegar continues the tradition of this time-honored technique, which originated almost two hundred years ago. From the finest grapes grown on our estate in Rutherford, California, we begin by creating a classic red wine. From there, we introduce a Mother Culture to initiate the transformation into vinegar. After ten months of patient barrel aging in French oak, we bottle individual lots by hand to create each delicious red wine vinegar with rare depth and elegance. We invite you to savor the experience of pairing Round Pond oil and red wine vinegar at your table.

  • Cabernet - Merlot Blend Vinegar

    Cabernet - Merlot Blend Vinegar

    Reflecting the grandeur and elegance of its mother varietals, Round Pond’s Cabernet - Merlot Blend Red Wine vinegar offers rich, nuanced flavors of dark fruit with a satisfying dry finish. The small amount of residual sugar that remains in this vinegar seamlessly bring the acidity into perfect balance, while oak barrel aging augments the naturally robust flavors.

  • Sangiovese - Nebbiolo - Petit Verdot Blend Vinegar

    Sangiovese - Nebbiolo - Petit Verdot Blend Vinegar

    The product of an inspired blend, this exotic vinegar exhibits intense aromatics and a voluptuous, velvety texture. Dark and caramel-like, a slightly sweet edge from the small amount of residual sugar balances out the vinegar’s natural acidity, while highlighting the vibrant food-friendly flavors.