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General Information


Located in Napa Valley's renowned Rutherford Region, Round Pond is a family-owned estate featuring world-class vineyards, gardens and olive orchards. As growers in Rutherford for 25 years, the MacDonnell family has watched its fruit transformed into some of the Valley's most acclaimed wines. Now with second generation energy, Round Pond is crafting its own limited production Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. Crushing only the finest 2% of the fruit from the Estate eat year, Round Pond is dedicated to showcasing the very best from its 357 acre vineyard.


For nearly a quarter century, we have the pleasure and the privilege of being stewards of Round Pond Estate. While chemicals and shortcuts can make for quick fixes, the truth is, consistent, quality winegrowing is about seasons, cycles and a long-term commitment to the land. To promote natural balance and vineyard health we have dedicated ourselves to the principles of sustainable winegrowing.


Round Pond's wine is a reflection of the place from which it came, the estate vineyards in Rutherford. Naturally made with minimal intervention, our wine is a pure expression of the fruit and vintage. The Round Pond winemaking team is dedicated to unsurpassed quality and approaches each harvest with a fresh eye to ensure success year after year.

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