Club Member FAQ

Club Member FAQ

What is the fee to join your club?

There is no fee to join our club. However, you must accept a minimum of 4 shipments before canceling.

What is the cancellation policy?

Once you sign up, you can cancel after 4 shipments have been received.

Can I change my club level and how do I do that?

If you would like to change your club level, all you have to do is call Katherine Lautenbach at (707) 302-2515, and she will be happy to update your club level.

What address should I use to ship my wine club offerings?

For all shipments that include wine, we ask that you use a business address, as all wine shipments require a signature from someone 21 and over.

What happens to my shipment if I am not available to sign for it?

UPS will make 3 attempts to deliver your package in hopes to get a signature. If on the third attempt you still do not sign for it, it will be sent back to Round Pond. At that time Katherine Landsperger will contact you to get an updated address, but you will have to pay for another shipping charge.  Please note, after the 1st delivery attempt has been made, Round Pond can no longer take responsibility for damaged products.  In order for you to make sure your wines are shipping to the appropriate address, we provide multiple emails notifications and shipping notifications to the email address on file before shipment leaves our warehouse.

What happens if you ship out my club offering, and I realize you have the wrong shipping address?

Once a shipment has gone out, if it is early enough, Katherine Landsperger can contact UPS and "intercept" your shipment and re-route to your new address for a charge of $15 (additional re-ship fees may apply). This would have to take place immediately after it was shipped out.  Contact Katherine at (707) 302-2515.

How do our benefits work? When do they commence?

Once you sign up from the club, your discount is immediate.

Can we gift our complimentary tastings if we cannot come to the winery ourselves?

Yes. You would just need to contact the Round Pond concierge and let them know the name that your club membership is under and also the name of the guests that will be using your complimentary tasting.  This way they can make a note in the guest reservation as well as in your club member file.

Why do you need my email address?

We require your email address when you sign up for a few reasons.

  1. Your email address is used to verify your address prior to your shipments
  2. UPS will email you your tracking number once your package is shipped
  3. For all club member events and special offers, we notify you of those through email
  4. For any special promotions and/or special club member only products, we notify you through email

Where can I find out what products we get for the year?

Can I add products to my club shipment? If so, do I have to pay extra for shipping?

If you would like to add additional products to your club shipment, please email Additional shipping charges may apply.